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If you are reading this website, it maybe because you are seeking support, wanting to resolve problems, learn the tools
you need to make changes in your life, or simply feel ‘stuck”.

My focus is on assisting you to develop skills, strategies, and confidence to help you cope with the problems that you
are currently facing in your life, so you feel better able to respond and achieve long lasting changes.

Meet Vanessa Kjestrup

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Vanessa Kjestrup is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Qualified Counsellor and Teacher. She has over 20 years’ experience working for a range of services, including Department of Child Safety, Wuchopperen, QuIHN, Corrective Services, Good Health Wanganui and Queensland Health. She currently works part-time as a Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Social Worker in the Emergency department at Cairns base hospital and is the founder of this new and exciting Private practice.


Vanessa completed her Bachelor of Social Work in New Zealand as well as her Post Graduate teaching qualification before moving to Australia to live with her family. Upon moving to Cairns, she completed a Post
graduate diploma in counselling, specialising in the field of Addiction, family therapy,  grief and loss. She is a current
member of the Australia Association of Social Workers.

Meet Amelia
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